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Derby Day FAQ

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What happens to the money?

All proceeds from the Silent Auction go into Gateway’s Building Fund which helps us with the daily operating expenses.

What is the average value of donated items?

Donations all depend on the type of business you are. Small donations may be bundled to present a larger package of similar items, like dining gift certificates, while larger items will be offered individually. All donations of any size are appreciated. Our starting bid for the auction will be based on your suggested value.

What type of stuff?

Anything other than perishables is accepted. We have had prior donations of goods and services. Cosmetics, clothing, furniture and housewares have all been donated before. Tickets for events and resorts have been donated.

When do you need it?

April 28, 2023

Do I get anything for my donation?

Donors will get a receipt for their taxes which may be deducted as a charitable donation, and will be listed as a Silent Auction Donor in our video presentation.


Do I need to provide you with an ad or can you create one for me?

You can provide us with an ad or business card, or we can create one for you at no cost. If we create an ad, we will send it to you for approval. If you provided us with an ad previously, we can use it, but the information on it may be wrong. We can send it to you for approval.

When do you need my ad and when do you need to be paid?

Ads must be submitted or approved by April 10, 2023. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card, and should be made when placing your ad order.

How much is advertising in the Event Brochure?

Some ad packages include tickets along with your advertisement. Full page is $250 and includes 3 tickets ($150 value). Half page is $150 and includes 2 tickets ($100 value). 1/3 page is $85 and includes 1 ticket ($50 value). 1/4 page is $70 and includes 1 ticket ($50 value).


How much are tickets?

Tickets for Derby Day are $40 each in advance or $50 at the door on the day of the event.

What does a ticket include?

Tickets allow entry, free cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and a buffet style dinner. Tickets are also used to register guests for door prizes.

When will I get my tickets?

Tickets will be sent to you 3-5 days after we receive payment.

Can I buy and pick up tickets at Gateway?

Yes. Gateway is open from 8am until 3pm Monday through Friday.


What is available at the buffet?

The buffet offers a wide variety of foods, from sandwich makings to dinner-style entrees. There are plenty of choices for those with dietary or vegetarian preferences.

What time does it start?

Doors open at 4pm.

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